A handcrafted goats milk skincare range made exclusively on a Croft over the sea on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

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Home of handmade goats milk skincare made on a Scottish croft

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Our Roots

On the beautiful Isle of Skye, off the northwest corner of Scotland is a small Scottish Croft where goats leisurely graze on the hillsides and grasslands.  The ladies donate their milk to allow us to bring you a range of handcrafted, handmade all natural skincare. 

It started as a hobby and was so popular with friends and family, that they suggested we offer it for sale.... and so the story began.



Our Range

All of the range contains goats milk and silk, creating a luxuriously indulgent and slightly decadent feeling every time you use them. Be it a quick shower, a long relaxing bath or just rinsing your hands, you just won't be able to resist taking a little extra time just to enjoy the feel of the lather and the fragrance.

Whether you're wanting a morning wake up, a freshen up or soothing wind down there is a bar for you.


our mission

to create a range of natural goats milk skincare products. handmade using traditional methods